Thank you in advance for your participation in voting on the new bylaws.  Your participation in our community governance is appreciated.  This vote is open to all adult members of CFPIA (membership must be current or your vote will not be counted).  Your community leaders have been working on the bylaws for over two years.  It is very important that we file bylaws with the State of RI (currently this is not the case and we want to rectify this ASAP).  The bylaws, which you can review below, are the product of input from the community and our best efforts to reflect how we currently operate.  The Trustees and elected officers are in support of the bylaws and hope for your approval.

To view the proposed bylaws:  Click here to access (changes in color).


Voting started on Sunday, November 12th and will continue through the conclusion of the CFP Community Meeting on Wednesday Nov 15th, 8pm.






CFP Arts, Wellness, and Community Center | 933 Anthony Rd,  Portsmouth, RI 02871