December 8, 2021 CFPPC Meeting Minutes

Common Fence Point Preparedness Committee (CFPPC) Meeting

Wednesday, December 8th, 2021 | 6:00-7:00 pm |


Meeting called to order: 6:05 pm


Participants:   In person:  Jim Fogerty-Chair, Nicole Gotovich-Co-Chair, Donna Horan, Ray Perry, Jeff and Stacy Prater On Zoom:  Pam Rubinoff (acting as Secretary), Wenley Fergurson, Mike Gerel (guest), Barbara Jones, Kevin Krupa, and Tom Charbonneau.


Minutes from Oct 6th meeting:   Oct 6, 2021 meeting notes were overlooked and not talked about.


Mike Gerel – Green Infrastructure Planning Projects Grant -(

  • $650,000 for the region.
  • Conceptual to design and permitting


Wenley Ferguson – Save the Bay

  • Discussions have been initiated on stormwater impacts on CFP land owned by Trustees, such as initial identification of impact areas.  Looking for planning side, not implementation.
  • Could the grant be used to develop a conceptual design and develop a fact sheet and guidance for residents?
  • What is the match requirement?
  • Wants to make sure that that CFP can afford the price match part of grant and to see if grant can beless than $50,000.



  • Can be creative in the match, it would be appropriate for the NBEP.  If there are things additive, great!
  • The trust fund from CRMC can be useful to include
  • Trying to find the holistic solution for the property
  • Requirement for grant – 25% in kind or cash.  Need to justify, explain!


  • Should not be a barrier, so just show what CFP is already engaged and is an entity of action
  • Stakeholder engagement, real-time to estimate for the match.
  • Non-federal $ match
  • “Leverage enhancement”



  • Town roads to manage stormwater
  • The town is interested in doing stormwater assessment (look at the recent Resilient CIP effort)
  • Stormwater infiltration along the roads, in the higher level areas, to reduce the runoff to discharge – in the West, going into the wetland, coastal area – has saltmarsh potential.
  • Maybe include continued enhancements at the entrance – note that Town has that in their priorities
  • Linear Stormwater infiltration – divert stormwater runoff that goes into the Pond
  • Get a design and cost estimate
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Include this in the grant… Can be a match.


Next Steps for Grant

  • Phone call to Town DPW
  • Jeff Prater – Lead grant writer – to get together with Wenley Ferguson & Pam Rubinoff to apply for grant


Jim Fogerty – Chair & CFPIA Liaison

  • Conley is on break for month of December
  • Bags – Give it out at upcoming activities
  • Community Party
  • Welcome wagon
  • Donna can contact Susan Young, Hall Manager, or others who might have the info


Restoration project – SEPAC

  • CFPIA received the CRMC assent approval
  • Recorded at the Town
  • Timing – Jeff to follow up with Wenley Ferguson


Preparedness Caroling

  • Dec 15th – 7pm
  • Facebook – Jim
  • Hand out some flyer about the giving the kit, CFPPC brochures, or a folder of preparedness materials – DONNA


Nicole Gotovich – Vice Chair

  • Spoke on behalf of Kris Thompson – Trustees should be helping with grant writing.  All agreed and was brought up that this is true, but they currently do not have the capacity to grant write, although they vote on Preparedness Committee/Shoreline Education Preservation Action Committee grants for transparency purposes.
  • Next Forum – “Fitness & Nutrition” with Cori Kilzi, Senior Director of Healthy Living & Inclusion from the YMCA on Wed January 26, 2022, 6-7 pm



  • Pam will continue to work on this for the high tides and for storm reporter function
  • Will continue to engage the CFPPC
  • Student anticipated working to assist with summarizing and communicating the information to CFP and others starting in January.


Ray Perry – EMA for Portsmouth

  • Applied for CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) Grant to supply kits to Prudence Island and CFP residents



  • Jim stepping down – will be the CFPIA liaison and working with Ray Perry on the Operations Guide
  • Nicole to stay on as Vice Chair
  • No Chair or Secretary – both positions need to be filled ASAP

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm


  • Next Meeting:   Wednesday, January 5 at 6:30 PM
  • Next Forum: “Fitness & Nutrition” with Cori Kilzi, Senior Director of Healthy Living & Inclusion from the YMCA onWed January 26, 2022, 6-7 pm


CFPPC Executive Council


Officers need to be elected.

Chair – Open

Vice Chair – Nicole Gotovich

Secretary – Open