Winter Wonderland Ball

This event is free for all members of CFPIA.  RSVP now – only 120 tickets available.  CFPIA Members will have two weeks to reserve a spot before ticket sales open to the general public on January 20th (for $25/ticket)


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can my kids come.  A:  No, this is an adults-only party.

Q:  Does it make sense to join CFPIA instead of buying a ticket?  A: Yes, we have priced the ticket so that you might consider joining.  You can immediately take advantage of the free ticket(s) and also get other member benefits.  Click here to join.

Q:  Will there be food?   A:  Yes, fancy desserts and heavy hors d’oeuvres.

Q:  Will there be alcohol?  A: There will be a cash bar with beer, wine and thematic cocktails.

Q:  What should I wear?  A:  It’s a “Ball” so permission to get really fancy.  If fancy is not your thing, we still want you to come!  Get creative with your “winter” intpretation.   You can expect to see a lot of white, silver and blue (and, of course, sparkles).

Q:  Will there be dancing?  A:  Oh, yes! Neal and the Vipers will have you on the dance floor from the moment you walk in.

Q:  Can I reserve a table?  A:  No, first come, first served.

Q:  I am a CFPIA member.  How many tickets can I reserve?  A:  Individual memberships get one free ticket.  Family memberships get two free tickets.  

Q:  What if I am a CFPIA member and I want to reserve 4 tickets now?  A:  Between January 5th and January 19th you may only reserve the number of tickets associated with your membership level.  When tickets open to the general public then you are free to purchase more for your friends.

Q:  Will you sell tickets at the door?  A:  No.  Your name must be on the list.  This event will definitely sell out due to the band’s following.   Please RSVP!  CFP members, you are getting a two week “headstart”.

Q:  I am having trouble signing up.  What do I do?  A: We understand technology is not for everyone.  You can email Conley at for help.