Community Meeting 10/18/23 Minutes

Attendees:  Board – Conley, Jim, David, Lee, Sally, Tom; Trustees – Leon, Dave; 12 Community members

Meeting Commenced at 7:00 PM

  1.  Welcome
  2. Secretary’s Report – September meeting minutes, online, approved
  3. Treasurer’s Report – YTD $11,467 positive – some of which is restricted grants.  We are now the Fiscal Agent for the Portsmouth Prevention Coalition – will bring in approximately $10K/year
  4. Preparedness Committee Report – no report this month
  5. Trustee’s Report – New By-Laws are posted on the web site with color identifying modifications since February presentation, there will be a vote on-line in November
  6. Events Commitee:
    1. Gong Bath Sunday 10/22 6:30 PM $30
    2. Halloween Parade and Trick or Treat – commences at 5:30PM
    3. Junk in the Trunk – Saturday 11/4 8 AM – 12:30 PM
    4. Music @ The Point – Featured musicians and open mic night 11/10
    5. Nov 25th 6 PM – The 40’s 5th Birthday Celebration
  7. Old Business (Barbara Jones)
    1. Pond Remediation – Barbara is reaching out to Wenley and others to address run-off issues from the road then the phragmites.  Looking for volunteers once a plan is in place – need fundraising and grant writers initially.  We have $10K set aside for phragmite remediation.
    2. Donor Wall – Barbara, Diane and 2 others got together to review the list of donors, looking for volunteers to help design the wall
  8. New Business – Dave Gleason asked if there was interest in having a CFP historian.  This position was in the old by-laws, should we resurrect?
  9. Next Meeting – 11/15 7:00 PM – By-Law voting

Meeting adjourned at 7:21 PM