Community Meeting Minutes – 8/16/23


Board – Conley, David, Jim, Sally, Angelica

Trustees: Marshall

Community – Approximately 15 members joined the meeting in person

Meeting commenced at 7:06 PM

  1. Welcome
  2. Secretary’s Report – minutes from July meeting are on the web site.  Minutes were accepted by voice vote
  3. Treasurer’s Report – YTD ~$5775 positive cash flow.  David gave a breakdown of the income and expenses YTD.  We are expecting to receive a Fiscal Agent Fee for a grant that is expected to be awarded to the Portsmouth Prevention Coalition – this could be up to $10K per year to manage their funds.
  4. Preparedness Committee – reminder that we are in the middle of hurricane season – it runs through 1 November and September is typically the most active month in this area.  There is a beach cleanup scheduled for 10/7 at 9:30 AM
  5. Upcoming Events
    1. YMCA Family Night on Thursday 8/17, RSVP to YMCA, currently about 130 people attending
    2. “Illumination NIght” – 8/26 – decorate the front of your house with paper lanterns
    3. 9/5 – Special Election – town will be using the hall for voting for Congressional District 1
    4. 9/9 – Coastal Bike and Stroll – Island Park to CFP Train Bridge will be car free from 9 AM – Noon
    5. 9/13 – Community Meeting with Officer Elections – two people have indicated an interest to join the board so far
  6. Trustees Report:
    1. Boat Registrations have been the big issue for the trustees this summer – it is going well
    2. Working on getting kayak/dinghy racks
  7. Next Meeting 9/13 at 7 PM

Meeting adjourned at 7:35 PM