Community Meeting 7/19 – Minutes

Attendees:  Board – Conley, David, Jim;  Trustees: Leon; Community: Approximately 9 members of the community attended

Meeting was called to order at 7:03 PM

  1. Secretary’s Report – Last month’s minutes are on the web site
  2. Treasurer’s Report – Current YTD is ~$3400 positive cash flow
    1. Diane Barrett asked if we could put some % toward a pond remediation fund or have a fund raising drive.  Conley will investigate
  3. Preparedness Committee: Jim provided an update, last committee meeting was taken up largely by a discussion of issues concerning trash and use of the beach under the Sakonnet River Bridge.
    1. Linda Ujifusa has reached out to Conley to regarding a legislative grant around preparedness – possibly do an emergency exercise and education.  The grant is for ~$3K.  A generator was mentioned but that would be about $12K.
  4. Upcoming Events:
    1. Community Yard Sale with the Four Hearts Foundation on Saturday 7/22 8:30 – 12:00
  5. Summer YMCA Camp is going great!  Thanks YMCA!
  6. Elections will be held in September.  Please announce any intentions to run for office by the August Community meeting so we can prepare for a September election.  All officer positions as well as At Large positions are open to anyone.  You must be a member (that means your yearly dues are up to date) to vote and to run for office.  We encourage anyone interested to contact any Board member to find out about how to get involved and put your name on the ballot.
  7. Goats and Pond Clearance Update – this was brought up at the June meeting.  goats will not work – CRMC says they are not permissible and the goats appear to be less effective than originally thought.  Need to get further clarification from CRMC/DEM on the jurisdiction over the pond.
  8. Trustees Report – no updates
    1. Paul Barrett asked who owns the CFP beach property?  This can impact the plan to put boat storage on the beach.  This is a trustees issue and Leon will bring it to the next Trustee Meeting.
  9. Awards for summer treats – there were 2 submissions – Conley (pizza) and Paula (cupcakes) both were awarded prizes for their submissions.
  10. Next meeting is Wednesday August 16th at 7:00 PM