04/06/2022 CFPPC Meeting Agenda

Common Fence Point Preparedness Committee (CFPPC)
Wednesday, April 6, 2022 | 6:30-7:30 pm
In-person & Zoom Meeting

Purpose: to discuss the issues, goals and purposes, along with the wonderful things which have happened, and are to come
Call to Order & Welcome – Nicole Gotovich
Special Guests
Scott Wheeler – Superintendent of Parks, Grounds & Forestry for Newport and the Portsmouth Tree Commission Chair &
John Fitzgerald – Portsmouth’s Tree Warden
This is not a forum but an educational meet-and-greet to discuss the issues, goals and purposes with the CFPPC first and then later with a larger group.
If enough interest is shown or if needed we can plan a forum at a later date.
Approval of March meeting minutes – Nicole Gotovich
CFPIA – Nicole Gotovich (filling in for Jim Fogerty)
Committee Reports
Jeff Prater – SEPAC
Update on the Coastal & Estuary Habitat Restoration grant
Donna Horan – Outreach (If present)
Nicole Gotovich – Forums Director
Bicycle Safety Forum Wed April 20, 2022 @ 5:30 PM
Nicole Gotovich – Communications Coordinator
Still looking for help with Communications. If anyone is interested please let Nicole know
Ray Perry – Portsmouth EMA (If time allows)
Pam Rubinoff – Resilience Building (At May meeting)

Next CFPPC meeting May 4, 2022 @ 6:30 PM
Come join, learn, and share your ideas about additional forums and outreach to keep our community prepared!

CFPPC Executive Committee
Chair: Open
Vice Chair: Nicole Gotovich
Secretary: Open
Committees & Chairs
SEPAC: Jeff Prater
Forums Director: Nicole Gotovich
Communications Coordinator: Open

Vision “The Common Fence Point Preparedness Committee is a volunteer group formed in July, 2019 with the vision that Common Fence Point would be prepared for and resilient to acute hazards, such as flooding from intense storms and extreme tides as well as from the impacts of long-term climate change such as rising sea levels and the erosion of our coast.”
To connect the residents of the Common Fence Point community and respond to their preparation and resilience needs.
To share pertinent, factual information and resources to the community at large.
To promote actives that enhances preparedness and resilience to disasters and climate change.
To coordinate with Local, Town, and State officials, residents, and stakeholders in our community.