Info on Evacuation (a message from Ray Perry)

Hi. I’m just sharing some information that may be useful should any of us need to evacuate.  Notice I said “should”.  We are NOT ordering an evacuation and will not be making such a decision until tomorrow on if one is even warranted.  That said, the attached map shows the areas we should consider, and thus prepare, for an evacuation.  Henri could be a Category 1 Hurricane at landfall, and our map indicates all the areas in dark green should be considered potentially vulnerable to storm surge and thus residents in those areas should seriously consider evacuating.  There are numerous other factors that come into play as well, so it is not a hard rule that everyone in the green zone should evacuate.   However, you should be prepared.  If – If – If an evacuation should be called, the evacuation should be completed prior to tropical storm winds (winds greater than 39 MPH) reaching our area.  So If – If – If an evacuation is needed, our clearance time for Portsmouth is about 8 hours.  This is the time it takes for all those that need to depart to depart.  So we would start the evacuation at least 8 hours before tropical storm winds are predicted to reach us.  You want to be well out of the area before the stronger winds get here.   So plan where you will go and what safe route you will take.  Think about your return route as well.  You do not want to have to cross inland areas that may be flooded due to heavy rain, which is expected with Henri.   Also attached is a great little evacuation guide from RI Emergency Management Agency.

If anyone has any uncertainty as to what they should be considering in deciding if or when they should stay or go, please feel free to give me a call during the day on Saturday.

Stay Hurricane and COVID Safe.  Look out for you relatives and neighbors, especially those with special needs.   Look out for your pets and livestock.

Ray Perry CEM

Director, Portsmouth EMA
(401) 477-2172

P.S.   Please distribute this further.  Most of you know social media is not my strong point, so any help is appreciated..