Viking Bridge Club

The Viking Bridge Club returned to playing bridge in person in its new location. After 25 years at St, Mary’s Episcopal Church, the club relocated to the Common Fence Point Community Arts, Wellness and Community Center on Anthony Road in Portsmouth. “This is a wonderful building filled with vibrant people and a host of different activities.” says Susan Miguel, the club’s manager.  “The Center has a great vibe which reflects the spirit of the bridge club”. We strive to make bridge fun for everyone, beginners and tournament players alike. To celebrate, Viking, which also offers bridge games online, hosted a fundraising event in support of the Alzheimer’s Association. The in-person players, some of whom are pictured below, contributed over $1,700 and the club’s online bridge marathon raised over $950. Presently, Viking offers an in-person bridge game for fully-vaccinated players on Tuesdays at 12:30 and plans to expand to an additional day in September. Details on the club and its community activities may be found at